Friday, 17 March 2017

A special place in my heart: the real Canary Islands

´The Other Side´ of the Canary Islands

Picture of people enjoying nature at Canary Islands
Beautiful nature in the mountain landscape

People, in particular from Europe, sometimes ask me why I still go back to the Canary Islands after I have been living in so many other places around the world. Most of the people outside Europe I know haven´t even heard about these islands or only know about Tenerife, the biggest island. Many of my friends in the Netherlands don´t think this is an attractive place to travel to and wonder what I like so much about it. The general idea about these islands as a holiday destination might be associated either with families and package holidays, retired people playing golf or the overloaded bulk places full of younger people getting drunk every night and eating ´all you can eat´- Chinese. And if you´re looking for this kind of vacation, you will certainly find what you´re looking for in the touristic places at the bigger islands. However, this is not the type of travelling I like to write about and there´s other things to explore on these islands.