Saturday, 13 January 2018

My experience diving Koh Lanta with Kon-Tiki Diving Center

Scuba Diving during your holiday at Koh Lanta Island, Thailand

Photo of a porcupine fish during a dive at Koh Haa
Porcupine Fish, photo by Gonzalo ApesteguĂ­a 

During my stay on Koh Lanta I went on a triple tank dive trip with Kon-Tiki Diving and Snorkeling center, it was an amazing experience! Although it was only one day, it was quiet a long day and it felt a bit as being on a living aboard! Their service was excellent, the diving was great, the food delicious and I made some new dive friends! Although it was quiet a big and full boat, I was positive surprised by how well everything was organised and how the diving took place in small groups. Read on to experience this amazing dive day with me!