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First of all, the reason I´ve started this blog is because I love to write and share my stories, experiences and discoveries from above the water as well as under water for anybody who is interested. My name is Ellis and I´m all about following my passions.

Photo of Kuranda Scenic Railway, Australia
Ellis in Kuranda Rainforest, Cairns, Australia
I´m on a journey because travelling is my passion and I love the adventure, to meet people, discover cultures, enjoy amazing natures and to be going with the flow. I like to share information, tips, travel stories and everyday experiences during living and working all over the world. For more information about my travels, please click here

Following my own passions has also brought me into scuba diving the oceans, making paintings from what I saw down there and writing a book, ´Safety Stop´, about my life so far. As a result, this blog can be categorised into a variety of topics, each with its own motivation and goals.

Currently, I´m writing in Dutch and English and you can swop between the languages on the top of the menu on the right. Additionally, you can pick your alternative language on the right a bit further down, where it will be translated by Google.

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 It´s my hope you leave this blog feeling either entertained by my storytelling, inspired by the life experiences I share, satisfied with the information and tips provided or excited to read my upcoming book ´Safety Stop´.